Bottom Jobs

Professionally done by Shell Point Marina: $60 per foot length overall. Powerboats and sailboats (Monohulls only). Service includes hauling, blocking, re-launching, pressure washing, sanding running gear, epoxy metal prepping, and two coats of Trinidad Pro, Pettit Horizon (or paint of your choice at an additional cost). Service also includes a third coat of paint along the water line.

Additional sanding/blisters: $50 per hour/custom quote.

Zincs at additional charge.

Power wash only (based on condition of boat): check with office

Do-It-Yourself Yard

Your boat is welcome at Shell Point Marina's do-it-yourself yard. All boats are required to have $300,000 liability insurance before arrival. Boat bottoms must have been cleaned within the last 30 days.

Haul out or launch with forklift: $75

Haul out or launch with forklift with straps: $7.00 per ft

Haul out or launch boats from 25 ft plus: $7.00 per ft

Haul out or launch boats from 46 ft plus: $400

Blocking: $50 one time charge

Electric: $25 monthly charge

Trash: $35 monthly charge

All DIY Boats must have tarps placed under their boats upon arrival or a $75 charge per tarp.

Daily storage: $1 per foot per day, length overall

Paint will be supplied by Shell Point Marina. If you bring your own paint the cost to the Marina is $75.00 per gallon.

Forklift and Travel Lift

Unless otherwise agreed upon Re: DIY

Unloading/loading boats 25 ft plus on or off trailers with travel lift: $400

Haul out or launch with travel lift $7.00 per ft

Survey Lift use for boats up to 40 foot length overall: $375

Survey Lift use for boats 40+ foot length overall: $375

Catamarans are an extra $50 charge per use (up to 16 ft  beams)

*All Travel Lifts for Surveys or Inspection or Quick repair work is based on 2 hours usage. $125 fee for each additional hour.


Step or un-step mast: $100

Engine lift: $100 - each use

Battery Charge: $10


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